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Removal of my review of Lance Armstrong's book

I've been reflecting for several weeks on whether to remove my review of Lance Armstrong's autobiographical book, It's Not About the Bike, but now that he's publicly admitted that he was involved in doping in all his seven Tour victories I think it must come out.

The book isn't only about cycling; it also describes his experience of undergoing treatment for cancer, and perhaps it might just be worth retaining for that reason. But he does explicitly deny that his Tour wins were based on cheating, and in view of that I think the only thing to do is to delete the review.


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John Floyd on :

Removing the Book review may be appropriate as a symbolic act. I would probably keep it online, but perhaps with an Asterix or notation.

Anthony Campbell on :

Yes, I thought of that and I may restore it later, but for the moment I think it's best deleted.

Anthony Campbell on :

I've now restored the review, with an important prefatory note.

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