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Cycling helmets

The BMA is now supporting the compulsory wearing of helmets by cycling. For a detailed critique of this position, see this excellent paper.


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mike on :

I agree helmets shouldn't be compulsory. However, I wear one, and offer 3 non-wearing cases personally known to me
1. Fell off at a pothole head-first into a pillar box. Several days in hospital.
2. Fell off when pedal clipped the ground on a tight bend. Several weeks in hospital, wife told to expect the worst. Speech problems still persist after 10 years.
3. Knocked off by stationary car door opening, two weeks in hospital.
All 3 survivors now wear helmets!

Anthony Campbell on :

These anecdotes are, of course, just that - anecdotes. For a balanced discussion of the pros and cons of helmets, see

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