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Homeopathy, CAM, and the NHS

The first item on the Today news this morning was about CAM in general and homeopathy in particular; a group of senior doctors and scientists has written to all the health authorities in the country to say that these treatments should not be provided on the NHS. Soon afterwards Professor Baum came on the air, together with my old friend and former colleague Dr Peter Fisher, arguing the pros and cons of the matter.

Although Prof. Baum had little time for homeopathy, he did admit that acupuncture had a role in the relief of pain although he stipulated that the traditional theory was invalid. As Peter remarked, medical acupuncture was introduced at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital (by me, as it happens) a long time ago (in 1977 - not 1972 as Peter mistakenly said).

Anybody looking for a critical in-depth discussion of homeopathy (how it originated and developed and where it is today) can find it in my online book.


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