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Book review: Lieutenant Hornblower, by C.S. Forester

This book is unusual in the Hornblower saga in that we see events not through Hornblower's eyes but through those of William Bush. As readers of other novels in the series will know, Bush will later become Hornblower's second in command and devoted friend, but at the start of the story he is the senior of the two. He first meets Hornblower on joining the 74-gun Renown, where Hornblower is already junior lieutenant. But although Hornblower is at the bottom of the heap his leadership qualities appear early, when the officers have to cope with a captain who is clearly insane. The captain falls down a hatch, possibly not accidentally, and becomes incapacitated, so the command of the ship passes to the insecure and incompetent first lieutenant, Buckland. [More]


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