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Book review: The Commodore, by C.S. Forester

This book follows Flying Colours, at the end of which we saw Hornblower welcomed back to England as a hero after his escape from France. Knighted and newly wealthy, he was reunited with Barbara Wellesley, the woman he loves, who had been widowed during his absence; she had taken care of his young son Richard following the death of Hornblower's wife.

At the start of this story Hornblower has been married to Barbara for several months and is the squire of the village of Smallbridge, a position that he doesn't enjoy. He is therefore delighted when he is summoned to the Admiralty and offered the appointment of Commodore to take a squadron of ships to the Baltic. His new command comprises the seventy-four-gun Nonsuch, two sloops, two bomb ketches, and a cutter. [More]


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