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Down with sugar!

The current issue of Nature has an opinion piece on the dangers of sugar. Robert H, Lustig and colleagues say that sugar should be taxed and restricted in the same way as alcohol. Lustig runs a children's obesity clinic in San Francisco. See Sugar: The Bitter Truth by Lustig onYouTube,

This view endorses the central claim of Gary Taubes's book The Diet Delusion. In his lecture Lustig doesn't mention Taubes, but his message is the same as that of Taubes. In outline, this is that reducing calories and exercising more to lose weight doesn't work. The widely promulgated advice to cut down on dietary fat is wrong, because it isn't fat that makes us fat, it's carbohydrate (and especially fructose, which Lustig regards as a major culprit and as dangerous as alcohpl). Lustig even repeats the slogan that Taubes uses: " a calorie isn't a calorie; not all calories are equal."

Like Taubes, Lustig blames much of the mistake on the late Ancel Keys, whose research, he finds, was flawed. Lustig is important because, unlike Taubes, he is a clinician and an academic - Professor of Clinical Pediatrics at the University of California, San Francisco.


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