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Vegetarianism, Tony Benn, and me

Today's "Independent" has a pull-out section on vegetarianism, which includes a dialogue on the subject with Tony Benn.

Benn explains that his reason for becoming a vegetarian 20 years ago was that his son pointed out that if people ate grains instead of feeding them to their animals it would solve world starvation. I agree with this, and an added reason is that the rain forests of Brazil are currently being destroyed to allow the planting of soya, which is used for animal feed.

In my case I became a vegetarian at about the same time as Benn when the BSE scare occurred. I didn't think I could prevent myself getting BSE (it was already too late) but I was so appalled by the sight of bulldozers shovelling mountains of animal residues about that I decided to stop eating meat.

Now (2014) I'm afraid I haven't stuck to vegetarianism, partly because of practical difficulties. But I still think Benn was right.


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