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Author's error stops me reading

I recently started reading two scholarly books on religion by the same author. Both have received largely approving reviews on Amazon and there are long waiting lists for them at the London Library, so they are evidently popular.

On p.9 of one of these books, on early Christianity, I found the statement that King David was King Saul's son. He wasn't, of course; he was Jesse's son. This had the immediate effect of making me feel distrustful; if the author can get this wrong, what other mistakes may he have that I wouldn't be able to pick up?

Perhaps this is unfair - we can all make mistakes, after all, but this is a pretty egregious one. It largely makes nonsense of the story of David's early life as narrated in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament). And the books are long and detailed and would take me a long time to read; do I really want to invest the time and effort required if I have doubts about the author's facts?

I won't identify the books in question, since it wouldn't be fair to do so without writing proper reviews, which I shan't be doing.


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