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Using Brother printer HL-5240 on local network

I have recently bought a Brother laser printer HL5240L. I installed the linux driver from the Brother website and the printer worked without problems with my desktop (the host). But at first I could not access the printer from a laptop on my local network. I eventually found the solution, which is NOT to have the Brother filter on the client (the laptop) but to access it directly on the host (desktop). This requires a very simple /etc/printcap that makes no reference to any filter.

Method: I first set up an appropriate set of files on /var/spool/lpd. I did this, as usual, using magicfilter, which automates the task. I called the printer HL5240. I then modified /etc/printcap as follows:


(The host computer is called arcadia.)

Note added 16 February 2012:
I recently had a HDD crash and then needed to reinstall the software for the printer. Several problems occurred. For details of these and how they were resolved, please see the entry for 16 February (use the calendar on the right to navigate).


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