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Homeopathy sceptics' demonstration

On 30 January over 300 homeopathic sceptics will publicly swallow a bottleful of homeopathic tablets to demonstrate that they suffer no ill effects. This reminds me of an experience many years ago: a casualty officer rang the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital to say that a child had been brought in having swallowed a lot of homeopathic tablets. Should she wash out the child's stomach? I was able to reassure her that there was no need to do anything. So what should she do? "Nothing,", I said, though in retrospect I wish I'd told her to warn the mother to be more careful with her prescription medicines in future because another time she might not be so lucky.

The demonstration to be staged next Saturday will be good theatre, I suppose, but it won't do much to clarify the issues. My book Homeopathy in Perspective gives plenty of information for anyone who really wants to know about the subject.


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