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Five portions of fruit a day may give you gout

An article in the BMJ (Feb 9 2008) has found that a high intake of fructose in the diet increases the risk that men will suffer from gout. Fructose increases serum uric acid in the same way as alcohol. A comment on this in "Synovium", a newsletter published by the Arthritis Research Campaign, says that it is difficult to know how to advise people who are susceptible to gout. Eating more vegetables than fruit isn't necessarily the answer, because some vegetables also contain fructose. "Why is nothing simple and easy?"

Why indeed? Another item in the same newsletter draws my attention to a French study which shows an association between statins and tendon disorders, especially Achilles tendinopathy. Having suffered from this for about three months I am interested, because I do take a statin. Should I stop it? But there is another complication in my case: I'm also now taking warfarin for paroxysmal atrial fibrillation, and warfarin potentiates statins, so if I stop the statin I'd have to alter my warfarin dosage. Endless things to consider ...


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John Floyd on :

Trying to avoid illness in old age is indeed often walking a line between the lesser of two evils. As Julian Barnes notes in his latest book (thanks for the review) the choice is not between death and immortality; it's between death and growing old.

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