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What have you changed your mind about?

I haven't posted here for some time, partly from laziness (principally from laziness) but also because I've been in Greece for the last 10 days and it took me some time to get the Internet working here.

Anyway, I've been reading the responses on Edge to the 2008 question: What have you changed your mind about, and why? I was interested to see that several of the participants said that we change our minds (or, more accurately, our minds change themselves) for reasons that are inaccessible to consciousness. The reasons we may give for the change are often confabulations. One can find justification for any opinion, but the opinion comes first.

I reach this conclusion in the final chapter of my new book Totality Beliefs and the Religious Imagination (see sticky entry above), where I describe my evolution from religion through agnosticism to atheism. I'm sure I have good reasons for this position but I know I also had what seemed like good reasons for my earlier opinions.


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