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Trying out Print On Demand

I'm currently trying out the Print On Demand approach to publishing. This is because I'm pretty disillusioned with commercial publishers. In my experience, going back a good few years now, publishers are very bad at promoting your books. I don't know why this is; you would think that it was in their interest to do it but in practice it seems to be left up to the author. So I think it is sensible to do the whole lot myself. I'll see how it goes.

I've therefore published my book on homeopathy, "Homeopathy in Perspective", on Lulu. It should be available on Amazon a few weeks later, when I get an ISBN. Meanwhile, please have a look at it here.


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John on :

Electronic Self-publication is a process that should be gaining acceptance. Let us know how your project fares in a future post please.

shak el on :

How about making your book on the Nizari Ismailis during their Alamut period available on LULU.com?

Anthony Campbell on :

I'm actually working on this now!

shak el on :

Great! I will look for it

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