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Installing Linux on new notebook

I've been too busy to post here for the last few days, installing Linux on a new notebook (Thinkpad Z61M). It's a very nice machine but I had problems initially with the installation.

First I wanted to partition the disk to preserve Windows, since I find I need it very occasionally (about once or twice a year). Shrinking the Windows partition to make room for Linux proved quite difficult.

Once that was done I installed Linux Debian. The wireless connection didn't work so I put in a PCMCIA card, which did. Then there was no sound. I spent a day and a half trying to get this working, with plenty of advice from people on the Net. Eventually I gave up and installed Ubuntu, which worked perfectly: wireless detected and working, sound workikng.

I must say I'm impressed by Ubuntu. I'd assumed, quite unreasonably, that it was a watered-down version of Debian mainly intended for refugees from Windows, but in fact it's a lot better than that. And I've been able to configure it so that it looks exactly like the native Debian that I'm used to.

I'll post more details about all this on my Linux page.


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