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Thought for the Day with Anne Atkins

Anne Atkins has figured in these jottings before but her Thought for the Day is nearly always good entertainment. This morning she was criticising people who say that the story of Christ's birth is similar to a fairy story. Not so, she claimed; it is direct reportage of historical fact.

Of course, the gospels are anything but direct reportage. Generations of scholars in the last 200 years have sought to establish what can be believed about Jesus and what is legend and by now it's clear that much of it can't be taken at face value.

Anne concluded by citing the Second Coming as a future "historical fact", with Jesus coming back on clouds of glory to save all those who commit to him now. Could one ask for a better example of mythology masquerading as fact? (The idea of the Saviour returning at the end of time probably originates with Zoroastrianism.)


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P A Cottrell on :

I always enjoy listening to Anne Atkins.
I thought today was exceptionally good.
I cannot find it on the BBC Website however.

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