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Power of coincidence

I often have the radio on when I'm working on the computer. Surprisingly frequently I hear a word spoken (sometimes a quite unusual one) and simultaneously see it on-screen or am actually typing it at exactly the same moment.

I had a particularly good instance of this today. I heard someone refer to "big brother" just as I was reading a newsgroup item saying: "big brother pays me to cycle".

I attach no sort of esoteric significance to such coincidences, which I'm convinced are simply that - coincidences. But these events bring home to one that claims for the paranormal based on unlikely-seeming juxtapositions of events (such as apparently precognitive dreams) are perhaps not so surprising after all.


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ian russell on :

also synchronicities? they hardly ever happen which means when they do they're remarkable - yet if they never happened at all they'd be even more remarkable!

someone once said (i'm sure of it), if a thing can happen, it will.

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