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National differences in subject interests here

I've been looking at the origins of readers of my pages broken down by places of origin and I'm rather surprised by some of the results. For example:

  • Alternative medicine: UK 36%, US 20%
  • Homeopathy (on-line book): India 30%, US 17%, UK 16%, Australia 13%
  • Sceptical articles: US 50%, Philippines 17%, UK 10%
  • Book reviews: US 29%, UK 21%, Australia 12%
  • Cycling: UK 42%, Lithuania 11%
  • Assassins (on-line book): UK 60%, US 18%, Iran 8%

I'm not surprised that there should be so many hits on the homeopathy book from India because there is a lot of enthusiasm for homeopathy there. But the interest in scepticism in the Philippines and in cycling in Lithuania are unexpected. Of course, there are more Internet users in the USA than elswhere, so one would expect to find more US hits than others, but even so I'm surprised to see that there is so much more interest in scepticism in the USA than there is in the UK.


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