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Robert Winston vs. Richard Dawkins

According to The Independent last Monday, Robert Winston has launched an attack on Richard Dawkins for his "refusal to connect with spirituality". He also says that Dawkins doesn't understand the limitations of science. "He actually believes science is the truth - which is absolute rubbish."

I have to say that I'm with Dawkins here. I've offered mild criticism of his religious views myself here but I don't think that Winston is preferable. Remarks like that I've quoted above are likely to play into the hands of intelligent designers and other purveyors of the absurd. The scientific attitude, in the sense of rational inquiry, is the only protection we have against the influx of irrationalism.

I find in Dawkins's writing a sense of wonder at the complexity and beauty of the natural world and this seems to me to be a rationally sustainable form of "spirituality". I find no need to look for a transcendental realm "outside" the world, which is what Winston seems to want. So although I don't go along with all Dawkins's comments on religion, if I have to choose I'd align myself with him.


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