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Blog software - Serendipity

I've been using Serendipity for this blog for a few weeks now, after my change of ISP. So far I like it. Previously I was using Wordpress and this worked well for over a year, but then I encountered password problems and could no longer make entries or do anything else with it. Attempts to create a new working password failed so I had to give up.


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John Floyd, MD on :

So glad to find your new blogsite. There is no clue on the old one that there was a change. I was concerned that something had happened to you! So glad to find you again.

You are inspiring to many, including myself. In the not too distant future, when I have a bit more time, I would hope to blog on the horrible economic condition of American medicine, with Doctors and hospitals alike turning into businesses focusing wholely too much on the bottom line and not enough on what is best for the country as a whole.

John Floyd

Anthony Campbell on :

Thanks - yes, something went wrong with the Wordpress software and in spite of numerous attempts I could no longer operate the blog. I'm still not fully au fait with Serendipity, which is why it took me some time to spot your comment!

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