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George Weigel on BBC 'Sunday'

I heard George Weigel being interviewed on 'Sunday' today on BBC Radio 4. He was talking about his book The Cube and the Cathedral, which I haven't read but in which he apparently takes a jaundiced view of Europe's comparative indifference to religion. From this, and from the falling birthrates in many European countries, he draws the conclusion that we shall become Muslims in about 70 years’ time and our cathedrals will be converted into mosques.

Looking him up on Amazon I see that he is the author of a number of books from a Catholic viewpoint so I suppose that this explains his dissatisfaction with Europe. I certainly hope he is wrong about Islamification (not that I shall be there to see it), not particularly because of any hostility to Islam itself but because I prefer our secular state, with all its shortcomings, to any kind of religious hegemony, thank you very much.


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