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The Catholic Church and “Intelligent Design”

Hitherto the Catholic Church has been pretty much free from the absurdities of anti-Darwinism but things seem to be changing, according to an article in today’s Independent.

Cardinal Shonborn, who is close to the new Pope, wrote an article on 7 July in The New York Times in which he said that although evolution in the sense of descent from a common ancestor might be true, the idea of an unplanned process of change guided only by random variation and natural selection was imcompatible with Christian belief.

Now Father George Coyne, a Jesuit and an astronomer in charge of the Vatican observatory, has written an article in The Tablet rejecting the Cardinal’s view and saying that neo-Darwinism is compatible with “God’s dominion”.

As The Independent remarks, it will be interesting to learn the new Pope’s view of this.


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