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Book review: Winter Quarters, by Alfred Duggan

The narrator of the story is a Gallic nobleman who was captured by the Parthians while fighting as a mercenary for the Romans, He is now being used by his captors to lead patrols against hostile tribesmen. With the onset of winter he is confined to quarters for the next four months, and decides to dictate his life story to a friend so that his son can read it later. He calls himself Camul, but he doesn't want to reveal his full name for fear that it would be used to cast spells on him.

He was born in the Pyrenees. A close friend, called Acco, killed a bear that was sacred to the goddess,
Pyrene. Her resultant enmity made it essential for him to leave his homeland as an exile, so the two friends decided to join the Roman cavalry. Camul hoped to return home after some years, but Acco knew he could never do so. Throughout their travels they feel pursued by the goddess, who appears under different names in different places. [More]


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