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Printing books via Lulu - an update and bouquet

I've published several books via Lulu but a few years ago I became disillusioned with them. They were slow and expensive and it was next to impossible to get sensible answers to questions by email. As a result, I moved to printing my books with a different printer.

I'm glad to say that things are a lot better now. Lulu has printed several runs of my books quickly and efficiently; the quality has been excellent. My most recent order has just been shipped, only 2 days after I placed it!

Lulu's prices are still somewhat higher than I was getting from my alternative printer, but said printer has become less efficient than they used to be and are annoying to deal with, so the difference is worth it. I shall continue to use Lulu, who I hope will maintain their present high standard.

If anyone is thinking of producing a book, I'd certainly recommend Lulu at present.


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