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Sticky: My books

All my books are available as ebooks on Apple ibooks, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. For links, please see my home page at or go to my iTunes page.


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Joe Dowd on :

After more than 35 years, I am re-reading Seven States of Consciousness. I enjoyed it a great deal the first time.

The Oneness University (near Chennai, India) talks of 100 levels of 'Awakening'.

I'm interested in comparing the two frameworks.

My cycling moniker is Wheel Bound. I see you enjoy the sport as well. Here in SE Iowa we have some of the most traffic free roads in the country ;-)


Anthony Campbell on :

It's a long time since I wrote the book too! Naturally, my ideas have evolved a lot in the intervening years. If you are curious about where I am now, please see my book
Totality Beliefs and the Religious Imagination.

Josh Liteky on :

Hello Dr. Campbell

My name is Josh Liteky and I am writing to say thank you for your books on TM and higher states. I learned TM in 2000 and rapidly went into the advanced courses, Purusha, became a teacher etc and have been wholly consumed in the knowledge/ development etc

Your book 7 states has been very helpful in answering many of my lingering questions. I am ordering your mechanics book now

I have been disenchanted with many of the leaders of Maharishis movement and have found tremendous intellectual solace in your expositions

I would very much like to connect with you to hearhow your enlightment has evolved over the past 40 years since these books were originally written. Are you open for this?

I am currently living in the bay area of california and my skype name is josh.liteky

I am working on a rather ambitious project, called 200 Percent of Life, where through a variety of media subtly yet with audacity bring these enlightened principles to light, in a world of increasing materialism. I'm very excited with the meqns of communication available today and know I will have an impact

So to be able to mastermind with someone of your stature and expertise would be a complete treasure.

Kindly let me know that you have received this via email at and if you are amenable to some enlightened conversations

Thank you so much for pioneering :)


Josh Liteky

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