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David Cameron a vaguely practising Christian

David Cameron tells us that he is 'a committed Christian but vaguely practising'. This, of course, is a very English attitude to religion. I suppose it means that Cameron thinks that Christianity is true but only goes to church once or twice a year, at Christmas and New Year. It also probably means that he has never thought about it very deeply.

In spite of holding this rather illogical position, Cameron insists that we ought to be more Christian in order to uphold morality. No evidence is offered for the alleged dependence of morality on religion, and specifically on Christianity. This on a par with Cameron's insistence on marriage as a guard against family breakdown, which I have written about previously here.

Cameron's view of religion appears to be based mainly on practical considerations. It reminds me of Gibbon's description of attitudes to religion in the Roman empire: 'The various modes of worship, which prevailed in the Roman world, were all considered by the people, as equally true; by the philosopher, as equally false; and by the magistrate, as equally useful. '


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