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Thought for the Day and Anne Atkins

In a recent TV series the monks of Worth offered a seductive and appealing view of religion, one which I well remember from my own schooling with the Benedictines: reasonable, moderate men with an urbane though deeply serious attitude to their faith. I never heard a single hell-fire sermon or talk at Downside (or Worth, for that matter).

Then today along comes Anne Atkins with her "Thought for the Day" to remind me of why I moved on. She referred approvingly to Archbishop John Onaiyekan, who gave the previous "Thought for the Day", welcoming his assignment of practising homosexuals and unmarried mothers to hell. "Perhaps there is such a place [as hell]" Anne opined, "and Jesus himself the only hope of escape from it."

Actually, when I checked back on the BBC website I found that the Archbishop had not said anything like that on air (his remarks were concerned with global poverty and the like) but it is true that he has indeed voiced such opinions in the past.

Where would we be without Ms Atkins?


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