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Xmonad and gvim

I'm continuing to use Xmonad as my window manager. One problem which arose was using my standard editor (gvim) in a tiled window. This works, but when I want to quit gvim various error messages appear in the window from which I started it and gvim itself is still visible though not reactive. If this happens, the easiest way of sorting things out is to press Mod-Space to make the window fullscreen and then do Ctrl +C to close the now-defunct instance of gvim. If you had saved the file previously, any changes you made will be preserved.

To prevent this problem from arising, either alias gvim to gvim -f, which prevents it from forking, or always start it from a fullscreen window. The second is what I am doing at present.

This problem does not occur in the stable version of Debian. It does occur with Sid (unstable version). Actually, it also happens with dwm and, in a different way, with awesome, so it seems to be related to tiling window managers in general. Whether it is a bug in vim or xorg I don't know.

Note added 21/10/2011: This bug is fixed in the latest version of vim-gtk in Sid (2:7.3.346-1).


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