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Selling your house the paranormal way

Today's issue of "The Independent" contains, in its Property pull-out, an article by Robert Nurden which (apparently seriously) advises people whose house is slow to sell that the problem may be that it is jinxed. This may be due to spirits or to "geopathic stress".

The signs that indicate the presence of said stress are:

1. Ant and wasp nests

2. Cats being attracted to the garden

3. Poor sleep, illness and constant tiredness

4. Relationship breakdown

5. House stuck on the market for ages

To remove geopathic stress an "expert" can dowse with two copper rods, after which the careful application of "earth acupuncture needles" allows the neutralization of the negative energy.

So now you know.

I don¿t know if this piece was included tongue-in-cheek, but even if it was, no doubt a number of gullible readers will take it seriously and spend money on this nonsense. Irrationality and superstition are rife enough already without being encouraged in this way. Is "The Independent" going to include an astrology column next? Time to decamp if so.


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