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Book review: Being Wrong, by Kathryn Schulz

"This book opened with the pleasure of being right, but it will conclude with the more complicated, more interesting and ultimately more revelatory pleasure of being wrong." This sentence encapsulates Schulz's central idea. Making mistakes is inevitable for humans and we had better come to terms with the fact. If we do, we will find that there is a positive aspect to the experience and it can teach us a lot about ourselves. The prevalent view is that errors are a bad thing, to be avoided as much as possible, but there is also an alternative opinion: errors are a source of wonder, hilarity, and delight, and should be cherished. Schulz's position is that neither of these views is wholly right, but rather we should try to envisage both of them simultaneously, and this is what she seeks to do in the rest of the book.[more]


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Martin Cooke on :

Too long? Disagree. I won't say you are wrong. A very enjoyable read.

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