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Holby City error

The writers of the BBC TV hospital soaps like Holby City and Casualty try to get their medical facts right with the help of advisers, even if the plot lines sometimes strain credulity well beyond breaking point. The commonest errors to get through are mispronunciations of medical terms, which happens surprisingly often, but yesterday's Holby came up with an old chestnut which surprised me. Connie, the cardiothoracic surgeon, has carried out an unethical procedure which has resulted in severe brain damage to a patient who is also an old friend, and the patient's husband is becoming suspicious. Talking to her registrar, who is also involved, Connie said that she didn't think the husband would complain to the BMA. It is, of course, the GMC who would be involved, not the BMA, which Connie would obviously have known perfectly well.


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