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Strange announcement from the airlines

Just heard on the news that numerous airlines are claiming that it is perfectly all right to fly in spite of the volcano. No evidence is offered for this view; the only reason cited is that it is costing them a huge amount not to fly. This is of course a non sequitur: either it is safe to fly or it isn't, but the economic cost is irrelevant. Oddly enough, the only airline that is taking a responsible attitude seems to be Ryanair, which I normally don' t have much time for. But hats off to them about this.

It's not as if I'm personally unaffected. We were due to fly to Greece on Saturday and it's unclear when we will be able to go next. But I'm certainly enjoying the freedom from the noise of jets screeching ovehead. I've thought for a long time that our dependence on cheap air travel is hubristic and I 'm not sorry to see it being called into question.


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