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Jodrell Bank under threat of closure

Jodrell Bank is under threat of closure, because it requires £2.5 million to make use of a new telescope which has already been built. So Britain is to lose its honoured place in radio astronomy for want of this trivial sum. And then we wring our hands (or some of us do) at the failure of young people to study science at university!


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Mr John R Fletcher on :

Dear Sir.
I am amazed to hear that Jodrell bank is under threat of closure.
Having attended and used one of the smaller receivers under the guidance of the staff at a Sara meeting a few years ago I realise the importance and requireement to use this establishment for training and teaching of the universe as well as carrying out research by the more learned and professional astronomers.
The money already raised, that might be wasted is dwarfed by the goverments £21.000.000 proposed expenditure for identity badges that most members of the general public do not want.
I and many others I have spoken to in the astronomical circles are disgusted even to think of such a bad act on one of our leading heritages, and one that discovered the very first quasar ever, and one of the first to listened to Sputnik one many years ago.
There is a short account and pictures of my Jodrell bank visit under my autobiography on my homepages.

Another sad thing for Britain. Another thing lost for ever. Yet many places around the rest of the World seem to be increasing there rocket launches and sciences in all fields.
Like so many things in this Great Britain, Todays savings have and will be tomorrows loss.
John R Fletcher F.R.A.S. Mount Tuffley Observatory. IAU code J93. UK.

FAURE Gérard on :

I never saw Jodrell Bank but this radio-Observatory is well renowned and it will be a pity if soon this historic site will be closed.

The English Government and the scientific circles must prevent its closing. The Great Britain is not a poor country...

Good luck for the defenders of Jodrell Bank !

John Floyd on :

It is indeed sad to see the lack of leadership in science at the highest levels of many governments. The US halted the "Super Collider" project in Texas at the half-built point several years ago, and for the foreseeable future US physicists will have to beg time at CERN, while the Europeans push forward into new frontiers.

I hope there is success in keeping Jodrell Bank functioning.

Mark Slater on :

I can't believe they are considering closing !!. I have visited Jodrell bank today with my 5 year old. We live fairly close and used to visit on a regular basis.

Problem is that a few years ago the visitors centre was awash with hands on exhibits, it was always busy (very busy), the planetarium was wonderful. More recently the exhibits were mainly broken, the cafe poor and the planetarium either out of service or too expensive.

After today's visit it seems the decline didn't stop. Today you can see the telescope, have a coffee and watch a nine minute 3d computer generated trip to Mars. Its Easter Sunday - Prime Time and there were a handful of people there.

It seems to me that after the £8m refit (see the letter posted in the shop) it could go on for ever And it should.

If the Government won't provide the £2.5m why not make Jodrell Bank pay for itself. Lets get a private invester involved, re-create the magical space world exhibits that were once a major attraction. If they did this and once again filled the car park at the weekends it could survive.

Handled right, Merlin and Jodrell bank visitors centre could make a fortune !

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