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Canned music

This year’s Reith Lecturer, Daniel Barenboim, is apparently going to attack the omnipresent phenomenon of canned music. Good for him, I say. I detest background “music” of all types, in restaurants, stores, and public places. Yesterday I went to two shoe shops in Enfield; both had this ghastly form of aural intrusion, the second one so loudly that it was difficult to think. If this is supposed to make customers linger longer, it had exactly the reverse effect on me.

I pointed this out to the nice assistant. She seemed a little surprised but did agree that by the end of the day’s work she found it rather tiring. Mind-numbing, I’d call it myself. Apparently the tapes are sent from headquarters so I suppose there is nothing the store manager can do about it, even if he wants to. I asked her to pass my comment on but I don’t suppose she will, or that it will have any effect if she does.


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