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More about the floods as divine retribution

Yesterday I posted an item here about the C of E bishops who regard the recent floods as evidence of divine retribution. I included it in the "light relief" category and I still think there is something absurd to the point of comedy in the story, but in today's Independent Thomas Sutcliffe points out, quite rightly, that there is a link between the attitude of these divines and that of Islamic suicide bombers. Both believe in a vengeful God.

The God the bishops believe in evidently thinks it is all right for said deity to use the drownings of two people, one a schoolboy who who got his foot stuck in a drain, to make His point to the rest of us. And He also seems to be expressing His displeasure in other parts of the world, such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Texas, and Kansas, all of which have experienced devastating floods recently. As for earthquakes ...

It's unfortunate that there never seem to be any rewards for good behaviour. All stick and no carrot, it appears.


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