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Something odd about left-handedness

For a long time I've noticed that when you see an actor writing on TV or in a film, quite often he or she is left-handed. The incidence of left-handedness among actors seems to be higher than expected. Of course, it could just be that I notice it because I'm looking out for it, but I also look for it in rioters throwing stones at the police on TV and I think I've only seen it once.

There is nothing about left-handedness in actors in Chris McManus's excellent book Right Hand, Left Hand, ( reviewed here). Has anyone else noticed the same thing?


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Dallas on :

I've noticed a huge disparity in the same thing and have tried to find research on it--I have noticed I can usually guess which actors will be left-handed before they show it, judging by what type of actor he/she is. For instance, Tommy Lee Jones, Harrison Ford (your regular-guy kind of actors) tend to be right-handed. Your artsier actors tend to be left.

Anthony Campbell on :

That's an interesting observation. I hadn't noticed it -- I'll look out for it in future. Anyway, I'm glad to find that someone else has remarked the phenomenon.

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