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Bishop Tom Butler

The news is pretty depressing these days so thanks to Bishop Tom Butler for providing a bit of much-needed light relief. The mental picture of the Bishop sitting in the back of a car. throwing toys about and saying "I'm the Bishop of Southwark and this is what I do" is surely irresistible.


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ian russell on :

TFTD coincides with my commute to work - I don't make a point of listening, it just happens that way. I have my favourites, The Bish of South-hic! is one, well before this episode. I like his dulcet manner.

Yes, it was fun but he rather squared his pear by suggesting he was nobbled - come on Tom, laugh it off and we'll forget all about it next week.

btw, I found your blog trying to find the provenance of Anne Atkins - another favourite but for completely opposite reasons to Tom Southwark. You came up in the BBC search engine.

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