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Lost Christianities

I've just posted my review of Bart D. Ehrman's Lost Christianities. This is complementary to his Misquoting Jesus. It explains how the present-day New Testament emerged in the early years of the Christian era from a welter of competing views of the nature of God, Jesus, and the world. It's a book that should be read (but doubtless won't be) by Evangelical Christians who take their stand on the inerrancy and divine inspiration of Scripture.

Ehrman himself is an interesting writer, who started life as an Evangelical but became convinced by his academic studies that simplistic views of the status of Scripture could not be taken as valid. His thinking has thus undergone a very radical restructuring, but he does not really reveal much about where he stands at present. Certainly he has nothing to say about the central question of the historicity or otherwise of Jesus. I wonder if he ever will.


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