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Book reviews, literature and miscellaneous

Danny Yee's Book Reviews
large selection of reviews on a wide range of subjects (proper reviews, not just brief notices).

Complete Review
A site with a wide selection of reviews with an international flavour. It also has useful links to other sites (including this one!)
More good reviews and other stuff.

Robert Campbell's site

Artificial life
A site with some nice artificial life displays illustrating evolutionary themes.

Michael W. Lucas
Michael Lucas writes good books about computer systems such as OpenBSD and other topics. His site has quite a lot of stimulating material of various kinds.

Philosophy and similar

Andrew Brown's Guardian blog.
Andrew Brown writes for The Guardian and has an interesting blog on religion from a sceptical but not cynical viewpoint. He is an atheist who takes religion seriously. Well worth a visit.

Conscious Entities
A site with a blog about consciousness and useful links. Not as technical as some but solid stuff.

New Dualism Archive
A philosophical archive for the constructive study of ontological dualism.

Edge Foundation
A really excellent site with many interesting articles, interviews with thinkers, etc.; well worth a visit.

Tom Clark's Naturalism Site
Tom Clark's site contains excellent articles on Naturalism, Free Will, and other philosophical subjects.

Julian Barbour's "Platonia" site

Julian Barbour's theory that there is no such thing as time is discussed in his book The End of Time
. Further information about his ideas is available on his website.

TPM Online
A good site for philosophical news and articles.

CSICOP Home Page
Home page of CSICOP (Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims for the Paranormal).

Blips in the Cosmos
John Floyd's blog, with reflections on Epicureanism and other matters treated in a generally sceptical tone.

"The Skeptic" Home Page
"The Skeptic" is a British magazine that publishes articles of a skeptical nature.

The Language Log
Just come across this thanks to a link provided by John Hawks (see below). An excellent blog on matters linguistic which I shall certainly follow in future.

The Secular Web
One of the principal sites for skeptical material of all kinds; strongly recommended.

DC's Improbable Science Page
A site with lots of critical material about CAM, as well as links to sites critical about religious fundamentalism.

Skeptic News
Skeptic News: a site where, not surprisingly, you can find news with a skeptical flavour.

Bill Beatty's site
This site is concerned with skepticism about skepticism; it contains some good papers and plenty of other interesting material and links.

The Human Nature Review
This is a good site for reviews, articles, and electronic books about evolution in relation to psychology and human life.

Robin Hanson's Wild Ideas page
A selection of essays on way-out themes.

The Antiquity of Man
This site has a selection of critical articles about archaeological topics, with questioning of some widely accepted beliefs.

John Hawks's Weblog
Hawks has a good blog on human evolution, with discussion of current issues in palaeoanthropology.

Gary D. Thompson's Ancient Astronomy site
Gary Thompson has a really impressive site with a huge amount of information about the knowledge of astronomy in ancient times. If you want to discover what the Babylonians and other peoples knew (and didn't know) about the heavens, this is the place to start. Essays, bibliographies, etc. Highly recommended.

Atheist blog, cartoons, jokes.


Cycling world tour
Mark and Ju have a diary with pictures of their world tour, including a section about Greece in winter. Bettina Selby's Travel and Writing Page
Bettina has travelled, often by bicycle, in many remote places. I have a review of her Riding the Mountains Down.